Meet Real People of Mexico | New Vlog | Mexico | Go Travel On The Cheap 2020

Hey you guys! This week’s Go Travel On The Cheap episode highlights one of our most AMAZING adventures ever! As we were driving along in the middle of nowhere, Yucatan Mexico, we saw a sign for cenotes, and since I had never been to one before, I decided to turn off and try to find them. Before long, we realized we were on a road “not often traveled”. We kept going. And going. And going! We determined that we would go five more minutes and then try to find a place to turn around. It was after the five minutes when I was trying to find a place safe enough to turn the car around that April spotted a kid playing in the road way up ahead…so we decided to keep going to see if that was where the cenote was. Lo and behold, we found this little village! We tried to ask a guy, with our lack of Spanish and his lack of English, where the cenote was–he understood us enough and offered to take us there, so he jumped in our backseat! We continued down the “road not often traveled” for a good ways more to where some from the village were building a structure. Our new friend enlisted Charlie to be our guide to the cenote. We followed him to the opening in the earth, where we barely dodged a poisonous (scary!) snake and slowly made our way down the super slick & steep steps. April got pretty scared for a time, as her vertigo was heightened. Once we got down on the ground, we looked up and around to see an AMAZING cave! Charlie even showed us how some of the formations sparkled. We navigated the dark and uneven terrain a little farther to discover the cenote…and OHHH MYY GOD!! It was SOOO COOL! The water was crystal clear & blue, and the perfect temperature to enjoy a swim in! Charlie climbed up a tall stalagmite and jumped in. I decided I had to give it a try, so I climbed up and jumped in too–what a rush! Charlie showed off his skills by jumping off an even taller stalagmite and diving into the underwater cave. He “played” the cave bacon drums for us too. All the while, we soaked in this AMAZING experience of having a cenote all to ourselves! April had never swum in a cave before. Reluctant to leave, we didn’t want to keep Charlie waiting on us and away from the build for too terribly long, so we got out of the
water and soggily maneuvered our way back up the crazy steep & slick steps to main ground. Once finally back at the village, our new friend invited us to see his turkeys and chickens–his wife fed them as we watched, laughed and enjoyed tasty, refreshing melon cut by our friend. (And thinking how surreal it felt to be in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in Mexico!) He then took us up the many, many steps of the tall, tall tower that was swaying some underneath us… Such an AMAZING view from the top; 360 degrees to the horizon above the jungle canopy! After some pause to enjoy the setting sun, we said our thank yous and goodbyes to our new friend and his wife, and set off on the “forever” stretch of drive back to the main road to get to our Airbnb…however, because we were so jazzed about the COOL adventure, it didn’t seem nearly as long…

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