The Things You NEED TO DO in ATHENS

Hey you guys! We tell you the things you need to do in Athens in our latest travel vlog here on Go Travel On The Cheap. We were pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed the Acropolis! I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t bring in my external microphone for my camera set-up, but at least I could bring in my gimbal. April shared what her favorite part was, and I shared mine. We both learned some historical tidbits, especially about what happened to the Parthenon. We got a fantastic Airbnb for the night, and our host highlights what to do on the map. We strongly recommend you stay at Theo’s Airbnb when in Athens–its roomy, clean, comfortable and its location for exploring is fantastic! (Oh, and there’s a kitchen and bathroom not filmed.) We had drinks at the rooftop bar 360 that night, which was pretty surreal–highly suggest!

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