Travel Vlog 2020 | Izamal Mexico | The Golden City Of Mexico

This week’s episode of Go Travel On The Cheap is a brief, yet watch-worthy, look at our time in Izamal, Mexico. In the Yucatan peninsula, Izamal is worth a few hours’ visit to wander amid its golden yellow buildings, including the church and its grounds–there are great views of the city and nearby from up on its perch! Izamal is also known as the city of three cultures, blending Mayan, Spanish and Mexican cultures together. Our new friend, Joseph the tourist information guy, told us the main Mayan temple in Izamal was actually underneath the church grounds. Though dripping with sweat once again, we enjoyed walking through the street market booths to see the different local novelties and crafted art. Before heading out for more driving to our next destination, April thoroughly enjoyed some Mexican ice cream–a welcomed (albeit temporary) reprieve from the heat & humidity!

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