Capitol Reef National Park/ Things To Do (Part 2)

Capitol Reef National Park Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Secret Hide-Out Hiking Cassidy Arch. Hey you Guys! How many of you have heard of the famous western bank robber from the cowboy and Indian days Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Most of us have (and if you haven’t, feel free to take this opportunity to Google or Wikipedia but then come back to read the rest of my words here). The guy has kind of a cool vibe about him, a sense of mystery and adventure. Well, one of the things to do in Capitol Reef National Park is to hike to an arch that has been named after said intriguing historical figure. After checking out the visitor center and getting a map, we drove down the Gorge Trail to the trail head. Capitol Reef National Park weather was cloudy and very windy, which intensified the ruggedness of our hike. We gained several hundred feet in elevation on our way to Cassidy Arch. To be on top of and walk across an arch for the first time was so thrilling! Once up there, we saw where we could go to find Cassidy’s hide-out, so we determined we would search for it. After making sure the hiking backpack had enough water in it, we set off on an unmarked trail. This was definitely more challenging terrain! After working our way up and back into this small canyon and finding a few possibilities for Robert Leroy Parker’s hide-out, we finally found what we believe had to be the real deal. It was so exciting to imagine Butch and his gang doing their own version of Capitol Reef National Park camping! Such an amazing experience. Please stay tuned for tips on how to travel cheap and helpful hints to know before you set off on your own Capitol Reef adventure!

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