Waterton Lakes National Park Alberta Canada

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining me on another journey. This week I am at Waterton Glacier International Peace Park in Alberta, Canada. Since we were heading to Glacier National Park, and after driving through the gentle prairie grasslands, we decided to spend a day checking out Waterton Lakes National Park. We were quite impressed with the town and the landscape! It is such a beautiful area with lovely people! As far as what to do in Waterton goes, there are so many activities to choose from. Definitely check out Wieners Of Waterton; they have one of the best hot dogs I have ever had in my life. And their sweet potato fries did not disappoint. Walking along the waterfront was amazing; we got to watch some windsurfers do their thing on the lake–since it was such a windy day, they got to cruise back and forth. Looked like a lot of fun. We checked out Cameron Falls at the edge of the town. The water color all around the area was a very pretty blue-green! Next we went on the Bertha Falls hike. Even though a lot of the area was ravaged by the Kenow Wildfire last fall, it was still such an awesome hike. It was so cool to see the new growth coming forth on the forest floor with the burned trees standing above. The waterfalls were lovely, and we even took a dip in the cool pools down below them. We met a couple along our hike back down checking out a big boulder speckled with fossils, so we struck up a conversation and ended up learning about sea cabbage and some of the rocks in the area. As we all know, April is fascinated with rocks, so she really enjoyed this. 😉 Next time we will definitely go on one of his Waterton Shoreline Cruises. As we walked a little bit more around the town after the hike, we ended up at Welch’s Chocolates, Ice Cream & Desserts where April was compelled to try their Saskatoon berry pie. It was easily in April’s top 5 of pie slices she has ever had! We drove over to get a closer look at Prince Of Wales Hotel–such a fine piece of architecture. Then we drove to Pincher Creek, Alberta to our Airbnb for the night. Karen & Lyle were incredibly friendly and generous hosts! If you are ever in the area, be sure to stay at their very nicely landscaped and comfortable home!

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