1880 Town Murdo South Dakota

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining me on another adventure. I got to fulfill a childhood dream of mine this week… I got to play Cowboys & Indians at 1800 Town in Murdo, South Dakota! After exploring this cool live museum with original old structures brought in from all over the state, we learned we could dress up in period garb. I told Alvin & Amy that they were going to dress up too, even though they were really hesitant to do so. I had the great idea to act out robbing a bank, and I found a family willing to join in our fun. I also acted out a gun duel with a German man. One of the employees showed us a jail cell that was all out of doors, except for a tin roof. Glad I didn’t get thrown in there after the robbing the bank, haha! There were some bulls & cows nearby that I went over to get a closer look at. One of the bulls was none too happy that I was trying to coax the calf closer to the fence! It was definitely crazy that only a wired fence separated us! The carriage ride throughout the town was cool too; I even got to drive us for a time. Amy took a turn too. If you are ever in South Dakota, or near South Dakota, or have a whim to dress up as a cowboy or Indian and feel like you’re back in the day, you MUST come to 1880 Town! It was absolutely amazing!

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