Street Vibrations Virginia City NV 2018

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining me on another adventure. I am in Nevada for the Street Vibrations motorcycle rally, and today we are exploring Virginia City. It’s a cool western town teeming with history. It was especially fun to discover it with all of the bikers there, and check out the awesome motorcycles. We enjoyed strolling along the old wooden boardwalk & observing the interesting sights–including a man with only two toes on his right foot, haha! We ate lunch at Virginia City Jerky (& Smokehouse); the brisket sandwich we shared was quite tasty. Two Toes kept us entertained whilst eating on the porch. We noticed the famous wild horses down the hill a few blocks from Main Street, so we set off to go see them up close. It was absolutely amazing to walk among them and feel of their energy. We weren’t sure if they were if they were wild at first, but it was definitely confirmed when the one horse hesitated to come closer to me and then when we saw they weren’t wearing horseshoes. We found ourselves at the local candy & ice cream shop, of course, because April had a hankering for ice cream–surprise, surprise. (Haha!) Definitely recommend checking them out if you are in the area. We stayed the night at another Airbnb; we were able to get a place in Reno for a relatively affordable rate compared to the hotels & motels in the city. It was a nice home and convenient to the rally. Thank you for living life!

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