Things To Do At Grand Tetons

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining me on another journey. Today we are at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I convinced him to jump up at the Grand Teton National Park sign so I could get some slo-mo of his awesome girth moving up and down–haha. The Grand Tetons are just a little bit south of Yellowstone National Park, so if are heading to Yellowstone, add the Tetons to your trip–it’s definitely worth it. The national parks pass costs about the same as what you would pay for those two parks, so it’s a good deal to get the pass. If you are 62 & over, you can get the golden life pass. We took a boat across Jenny Lake to do some trailblazing. The guide on the boat let us know that we were going to be entering bear & moose country, so to give them their space. We headed up the Hidden Falls Trail after getting off the boat across the lake. We found an awesome sitting area to take a break and ponder life. I hope all of you will get off the couch, so to speak, and visit a national park! Izzy ‘interviewed’ me about bleeding while creating my vlog episodes; I go to great lengths to get the very best shots! 😉 I remind you all in my audience about my adventure challenge; go out this weekend and take some video/pictures and then I’ll pick the best one and put it in my next video. I share my travel tip (again) about not buying a bear bell–the bear spray is a much better way to go, so then you might have a chance of actually seeing the animals. We stopped at Inspiration Point which looks out over Jenny Lake. It’s only about $15 to ride the boat back & forth across Jenny Lake. We also stopped at the Mormon settlement just outside Teton National Park to take in the amazing scenery with the very cool old structures. Thank you for watching my video all the way to the end! 😀

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