Romantic Sleigh Ride | Merry Christmas from Lake Tahoe

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. We got to experience a private sleigh ride at Sand Harbor State Park in Lake Tahoe on a beautiful, but very chilly day! A snow storm came through the day before, so it was especially nice to have the new blanket of white all around. Borges Sleigh Rides (Lake Tahoe Sleigh Rides) showed us a fantastic time; we got to meet the horses (halflingers & draft) and feed them a treat and we got to stop a few times to check out Lake Tahoe up close. April shared how trippy it is as a Floridian to see the snow on the sandy beach of the lake. As a Floridian myself, I agree. We even got our own assistant to help us with the camera; his name is Freddy. 😀 I couldn’t find my rubber band to keep my camera’s base legs from clanking, and April teased about how that is the story of Go Travel On The Cheap–I am often misplacing something and she usually knows right where it is. April conned me into kissing her on camera, hahaha. She told me it’ll boost my ratings here in YouTube. We shall see. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. April preached a bit about making 2019 the best year of your life yet–and go travel on the cheap!! 🙂 A couple got engaged while out on their sleigh ride, so we had to check out the ring. Dwight Borges, the owner of Borges Sleigh Rides, said you are bound to get a yes if you propose on one of their sleigh rides. 😉 He also said pets get to ride free. Later that night, at Heavenly Village, we ran into Santa & Mrs. Claus. I made April tell Santa what she wants for Christmas. Since she’s been a good girl, I am really hoping her wish for traveling more in 2019 comes true!! It was so magical to watch the ice skaters on the ice rink at Heavenly Village skate as the snow fell. This was our first time to Lake Tahoe in the winter, and we found a plethora of things to do. Plus, it was absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for living life!

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