Why You Need To Visit Mostar, Bosnia | How To Travel Bosnia

Hey you guys! This week on Go Travel On The Cheap, we are sharing our first Bosnia travel video from Mostar city. Watch this for a sampling of our Mostar walking tour at Stari Grad Mostar and Mostar Stari Most. We offer some know before you to go Mostar, Bosnia tips while showing some top things to do in Mostar. We feature a Muslim Catholic love story and a clip from the Bosnian war. We eat lunch at Restoran Divan in Old Town Mostar, tasting traditional Bosnian food and giving our reactions. We mention the Mostar bridge jump. Our travel vlog answers questions you may have, like how expensive is Mostar, Bosnia and what is Bosnia like and why you need to visit Mostar, Bosnia and how to travel Bosnia. If you have any more questions or would like to share your thoughts, please leave us a comment below! Share our video with a friend, and like always, thank you for living life! 😊

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