Merida Mexico | Dia De Los Muertos | THE DAY OF THE DEAD | Mexico Travel Show

Hey you guys! This week’s Go Travel On The Cheap episode highlights our incredible experience at Merida, Mexico’s Dia de Los Muertos festivities. We wandered through the huge cemetery in the night’s darkness and met many people along the way, including a Merida tourism representative. What an awesome time, especially since we were invited behind press lines to film! We were completely surrounded by those in traditional dress with intricately painted faces, preparing to take part in the procession–young children to older adults. We got to observe the traditional Mayan reenactment of this holiday from right next to the stage… Our senses were overwhelmed in the best ways! The energy was palpable; respectful solemnity to honor the deceased ancestors amidst ceremonial music that gave off a celebratory vibe! In the end, we were so jazzed about our amazing opportunity to literally get swept up in the current of this important local tradition!

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