The Temple Of Poseidon SOUNION GREECE | Travel Vlog Series

Hey you guys! We come to you from GREECE in this week’s episode of Go Travel On The Cheap! Our first Grecian ruin stop was the Temple of Poseidon at the Archaeological Site of Sounion. We were overcome with awe as we explored this well-preserved, ancient structure positioned right above the sea! Wayne came across a grounds worker preparing traditional plants to be placed outside the locals’ doors for good luck at Christmastime. We had an amazing time at Sounion and its affordable entrance fee pleased us. As we drove along the coast towards Athens, we found a lovely restaurant to have lunch–or linner–at…but we didn’t even try pronouncing the name…and we are not sure how to spell it in English here! 😬 We had an “OMG” meal; shrimp and spaghetti and a mouth-wateringly fresh Greek salad paired with a couple glasses of delicious house wine.! Food tastes so much better in Europe. What a way to cap off our first day of adventuring in Greece! Thank you for being a part of our Go Travel On The Cheap community; your support through watch time, likes, comments and subscriptions means more to us than you know! 💖

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