VILLA MELNIK WINERY | Number 39 in World’s Best Vineyards | BULGARIA Travel Show

In this Bulgaria travel show, we delve into wine tourism at Villa Melnik Winery, number 39 in the Top 50 World’s Best Vineyards! Their wine awards and must-see wine vineyards and new wine cellars easily make Villa Melnik one of the world’s best vineyards of 2020–and always! Did you know that Bulgaria wine is some of the best wine you will ever have?? We were fascinated with all we learned on this wine vineyard tour and were privileged to some best tasting wine for beginners, as well as experts! Villa Melnik has a solid presence in the European wine industry and their worldwide presence is growing rapidly. Did you also know that Bulgaria is considered old wine country?? (And they use oak wine barrels no more than four times, then sell them.) You are sure to get a wonderful taste of Bulgaria at Villa Melnik’s must-tour wine vineyards! Wine lovers, you will be impressed by this wine tour! Thank you for being a part of our Go Travel On The Cheap community; your support through watch time, likes, comments and subscriptions means more to us than you know! 💖

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