How To Plan Your Lassen Trip! | National Park Travel Show | Yellowstone of California!

We share with you valuable insight on HOW TO PLAN a trip to Lassen in this national park travel show! It is BRIMMING with our TIPS for visiting Lassen Volcanic National Park! Want to know what the BEST WAY to visit Lassen is? Curious about what you NEED to see at Lassen? These TIPS for visiting Lassen National Park tell you what you need to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO to Lassen Volcanic National Park (and what not to do in Lassen) in yet another one of our national park tour videos, so make sure to watch before visiting Lassen! We highlight many points, including the TOP THINGS TO DO in Lassen National Park, WHAT TO PACK for Lassen and HOW TO SEE Lassen National Park! We hope you enjoy our national park travel guide and benefit from our tips for visiting Lassen this summer! (Note: Lassen National Park was badly affected by the 2021 Dixie Fire. Please keep in mind that we were there before this happened. There are still part of the park open; be sure to check NPS’ website for up-to-date information.)

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