Dinner in Nepal! | Americans Tasting Nepali Food

In this Nepal food vlog, we try some of the delicious traditional Nepali cuisine. We sample some of the local dishes, such as achar, dal, papadum, chapati and vegetable and chicken curries. We also enjoy local beer and wine.

Watch to see how we react as Americans tasting Nepali food. Dal, is a popular dish in Nepal and is made with lentils, spices and herbs. Itโ€™s served with steamed rice and can be enjoyed both as a main dish or as a side. Papadum is a type of flatbread, made from lentils, and is often served with Achar, which is a spicy pickle kind of chutney, made with vegetables, spices, and herbs. Chapati is a type of roti, or unleavened flatbread, and is a popular side dish for Nepali meals.

We sample the vegetable and chicken curries. They are both made with a blend of spices and herbs, and are a delightful way to enjoy your favorite vegetables and proteins.
One of the best things to do in Nepal is to explore Nepali food! It deepens your understanding of Nepali culture whilst thrilling your senses!

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