Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally 2018 (Globe Of Death) Lake Tahoe CA and Reno NV

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining me on another journey. We are at Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally in Reno, Nevada, but we first rode over to Lake Tahoe. That was my first time there; one of April’s happiest happy places though. Man, it was magnificent! What an absolutely amazing place to ride your motorcycle! It was windy and kind of chilly, but well worth it. We stopped at Emerald Bay and even did a short hike at Eagle Falls. We also took a break at Cave Rock, and I commented on how I enjoy being at a super scenic location off-season…less crowded that way. Later that evening, we got to experience the Globe of Death at the rally. It was really impressive to see these guys do their riding thing in a 2 ton, 30 year old metal mesh cage of madness! The 61 year old talked for a few minutes beforehand about all of the stunts he has done for certain actors/movies–craziness. Just before the night was through, we enjoyed the fireworks show…it went on longer than we expected, so that was a pleasant surprise. Overall, we had such a great time in Reno, NV and at Lake Tahoe, CA! Thank you for living life!

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