Bryce Canyon National Park Things To Do

Bryce Canyon National Park Things To Do Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. We were collaborating with The Travels Of Z this week, starting at the Queen’s Garden Trail at Bryce Canyon. It was absolutely amazing to hike down among the hoodoos. We ran into a group of ladies that April & I had chatted with along our morning hike on the Peek-A-Boo Loop. They were such a hoot and we were impressed with their long-time hiking hobby! They were with Adventures In Good Company, an all-women’s adventure travel company. Bryce Canyon is one of their most popular destinations, but they go all over the world to hike, paddle, and explore nature with a community of adventurous women. Find their website link below. Z & I reflected on how far technology has progressed; remembered film cameras and the craziness that sometimes came along with them. At the Queen Victoria formation, we got to observe a cute chipmunk. Z & his family were going to jump on the Navajo Loop to finish out their hike that way, so I decided we should tag along. April was so hungry (we hadn’t eaten lunch and had been hiking for hours), so she hesitated for a minute, but she had a snack and off we went again. I talked with Z about how he got started travel vlogging–it goes back to when he accidentally lost all of their wedding photos/videos. Wall Street was very cool, but man, it was quite the trek on the switchbacks up out of the canyon. April had a psychological urge to see Thor’s Hammer again; be sure to fulfill your legal urges–haha. We had no idea how long we had actually hiked that day; April looked at the maps later that night to discover it was a total of 9 miles! It was so worth the ass-kicking, and we had so much fun with The Travels Of Z and his family!

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