Things To Know About Rocky Mountain National Park

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining me on another journey. My buddy Cole, his black deer Gemma and I were in Estes Park, Colorado, headed to the Highway In The Sky in Rocky Mountain National Park. We didn’t have much luck with finding some breakfast in Estes Park–unless you wanted a beer or a doughnut. Haha! My national parks pass saved me yet again; not just money, but time waiting in line too. The view at Rainbow Curve was magnificent. If you want a different experience, come to Rocky Mountain National Park (well, unless you live in CO and visit it all the time-ha). As a travel tip, be aware that dogs are not allowed on any of the trails, so they have to stay in your car or RV. We stopped at the Continental Divide; beautiful lake. A place to let your puppy off the leash is just outside the Kawuneeche Visitor Center at the Grand Lake golf course. They have a dog park. I took the trail to Adam’s Falls alone since Cole stayed with Gemma since there wasn’t any shade and it was hot. Don’t forget about my video challenge–go have an adventure and send in a clip to me! This week’s winner is Josh Rimer. He was in West Hollywood for the day and ate at some yummy restaurants and walked through the Design District. Be sure to go to his channel and check out a few of his videos!

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