Royal Gorge Bridge Colorado

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining me on another journey. Today we’re at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park in Colorado. I am still with my buddy, Cole. His dog, Gemma, got to come along with us at Royal Gorge since they are dog-friendly. It was awesome to walk across America’s highest bridge! At 956 above the Arkansas River, it stretches about a quarter-mile long over the gorge. The gondola ride was incredible too. We rose to 1200 feet in the air and went back and forth over the river. The Plaza Theater had artifacts on display as well as a documentary film to watch; it was quite interesting. A couple of other things to do are North America’s highest zip-lining and the Royal Rush sky coaster. Don’t forget to take me up on my adventure challenge: go somewhere (it doesn’t even have to be more than 300 miles from your home), video it and send me a clip. I’ll choose the best one and feature it in my next video. This week’s winner is: Adventure Everywhere. They show off some of their recent adventures as a family with four boys. Be sure to go watch a couple of their videos. We were treated with a spectacular sunset on the bridge, with a full moon rising in the east.

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