Winter Things To Do Near Lake Tahoe Snowshoeing Donner Abandoned Train Tunnels ( Free Vacation )

Winter Things To Do Near Lake Tahoe Snowshoeing Donner Abandoned Train Tunnels Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. This week, we were at Donner Lake in Donner, California. If you’re a returning viewer, thanks for watching. If are you new to my channel, please subscribe! We made it up to the spot to park near the Donner Abandoned Train Tunnels. There was so much snow, we had to snowshoe to explore the tunnels They were incredibly cool, what with the graffiti and the “treacherous” icicles with the snow surrounding…as well as the ice coated floor I had to help April figure out how to navigate–she has a big fear of slipping & falling (because she has residuals from a knee injury 4 years ago when she did slip & fall)! In between a couple of the tunnels, we had an amazing vista from above Donner Lake and the surrounding mountains. It was quite the beautiful day! The government had come in and painted over some of the graffiti, but it is definitely coming back. This was such a scenic and unique hike! April even found my last name on one of the tunnels’ walls–I do not have the skills to graffiti like that though, so it wasn’t me. Haha. April did a little commercial for her new-fangled Pitch and Trek pee funnel, referring back to her travel tip for the ladies back in “Not A Pink Jeep” tour in Sedona, Arizona. 😀 We ate dinner at Base Camp Pizza at Heavenly Village; it was really yummy…and we even got to listen to the strummings/vocals of Adam Bergoch–he was good! We stayed at Lake Tahoe Seasons Resort for free for two nights and three days…it was rather dated, and the jets didn’t work on the Jacuzzi tub, but we enjoyed our stay overall. The morning that we checked out (too early for April, haha), we talked to the camera about how we landed this free stay…… When we were in Sedona, Arizona back in April, we were hustled into doing a timeshare presentation for a free helicopter ride. We also got the free stay in Lake Tahoe, but we did have to do another presentation. Fortunately, that one got cut short. I talked about my opinions on timeshare vacations. Share my video with a friend, and thank you for living life!

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