Vikingsholm Hike at Emerald Bay State Park | Lake Tahoe Paint And Sip

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. This week, we were about to do the Vikingsholm hike at Emerald Bay State Park. Then later, we went to Lake Tahoe Paint and Sip. When you go to Lake Tahoe, make sure to hike down to Vikingsholm; it is simply gorgeous and the house is interesting to walk around and look at! Emerald Bay is April’s favorite spot around Lake Tahoe. If you do the hike in the winter, you might need snowshoes. Or you could get away with ice cramp-ons on your snow boots, like April was wearing. It was so much fun to give the painting thing a try at Lake Tahoe Pain & Sip–even though I’m not an artist at all, hahaha. When Craig, our teacher, rang the bell, we got to take sips of our wine and/or beer. Made the experience that much more enjoyable! 😀 Craig had us do our pre-painting stretches; I think April did an especially fine job with them. 😉 Craig was a patient teacher with all of us, and Dawnda, the owner kindly made sure all of our drinks were topped off. Overall, I think my painting came out pretty ok. April’s came out really good. We had such a great time that evening at Lake Tahoe Paint & Sip! Be sure to check them out when you are at Lake Tahoe. And thank you for watching my video all the way to the end (without skipping, haa)!

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