Angels Landing Scariest Hike In America | Best Time To Go To Angels Landing Zion National Park

Best Time To Go To Angels Landing Zion National Park. Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. This week, we were at Zion National Park with April’s daughter, Autumn. Travel tip for you…if you’re not super early to park your vehicle in the park, a good place to park just outside is Hoodoos Market. For $20 worth of groceries or trinkets, you can park there all day. Better than the $22 or more elsewhere. We set off on the Angels Landing hike. I reminisced about when April & I were there a year ago and I was brainstorming about whether or not I should become a travel vlogger. Despite all of the hours & hours we put into it, we have fun with it. You may want to give up on this hike, more than once, but keep going…it’s worth it. Another travel tip; come to Zion in the late fall. There won’t be as many people and it won’t be so blazing hot. April kind of freaked out when the chain went away for a time–that was her lifeline. Autumn decided to stop (where many others also chose to stop), but on April pressed. She had another moment when she wasn’t sure about continuing, but she forged ahead. I was a classic jerk and laughed at her crawling along. 😉 She even slid along on her butt in a couple of sections. (She asked a few hikers to kick my ass for her, hahaha.) She is very afraid of heights and doesn’t have the best balance, but she kept on keeping on! And she made it!! This is a once in a lifetime hike, my favorite hike. It took us about an hour and a half to do a mile. Autumn shared her chipmunk encounter stories while she was waiting for us. I told her I would’ve shrieked if one came on my lap, then we all try out our echoes in the canyon, including a blip from The Three Amigos by a couple of fellow hikers. April had to do her own version of preaching this time because she was so jazzed after conquering her fears and making it to the end of Angels Landing. She reminded us we need to enjoy the journey–life is all about that, and not the destination. Travel has helped her grow more. And like we so often do, we found ourselves getting pie & ice cream afterwards. But not before April & Autumn had free samples of fudge. As we were heading back to the car, we came across Elliott the deer who eats out of humans’ hands. It was so cool to be so close to such a regal animal. Thank you for watching my videos every Thursday and for subscribing; we appreciate it!

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