Snowshoeing Lake Tahoe

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. This week, we were snowshoeing near Lake Tahoe. It was an amazing winter wonderland! If you’re new to my channel, please subscribe and hit the bell to be notified of a new video. If you have been to my channel before, thanks for watching. Travel tip for you: when you come to Lake Tahoe and want to snowshoe, go to a ski rental shop and rent them…should only be $10 a day. I bought mine on Amazon for about $69 each, but if you are coming into town by plane, you don’t want to have to worry about bag fees. We had an absolutely amazing time snowshoeing; it was so quiet and all was blanketed in fresh snow. And it was very pretty when the sun came out and illuminated the cloud in the distance. Not like the freaking scary drive of the morning coming into Lake Tahoe in a blizzard with white-out conditions! We couldn’t even see the car with its hazards on 50 feet in front of us! We were starving after snowshoeing, so we stopped in at La Mexicana at Kings Beach in North Lake Tahoe for delicious (and huge) burritos. April got Al Pastor and I got Shredded Beef. I couldn’t even finish mine, which is saying a lot about the size of their burritos! We stayed the night at Black Jack Inn in South Lake Tahoe. It was only $69 a night (plus taxes & fees). We had a beautiful view of Heavenly from our room. Thank you for watching my video all the way to the end…if you would, hit that subscribe button, ding-dong the bell, share it with a friend…and like always, thank you for living life!

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