Things To Know Before You Go To Arches National Park (PART 3)

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. This week, we are still at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. It was freezing cold! We set out on the trail in Devil’s Garden to Landscape Arch and then continued on the Primitive Trail which loops out to Double O Arch. We put cramp-ons to help trek the parts of the trail with snow and ice. The Primitive Trail is no joke; it’s very difficult hiking. I like the fact that it is like we’re totally out in Mother Nature. April had a challenging time, and referenced her past experiences of slipping & falling. We got to see Partition Arch. Don’t forget your camel bags; even though it is so cold, you go through the water at the higher elevation and in the desert. I really enjoyed Navajo Arch. More than a few times, we had a hard time telling where the trail went. I pointed out why you wear hiking boots in that kind of terrain. While this trail definitely had some treacherous parts, it was incredibly beautiful! I tried to help April best maneuver the icy parts. Alvin and Rachel saved us because we had gotten off the trail; they pulled up Google Maps. Double O Arch was very cool. I gave a goofy travel tip about a banana. April contemplated again about how this journey combines her two worst fears. I agreed that there were certainly edgy spots along the way. Alvin had a moment of some difficulty getting down from a point that wasn’t on the trail. Make sure to follow Cairns when on a primitive trail; it’s the natural markings to keep you headed in the right direction. AllTrails is a good app to use. April got herself lost for a time, so I had to go find her. Thank you for watching my video all the way to the end!

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