Do You Know That Guatemala Has A Castle??

This Guatemala travel vlog highlights our exploring San Felipe Castle (Castillo de San Felipe) and our stay at Hacienda Tijax in Rio Dulce! San Felipe should definitely be on your list for what to see in Guatemala, and Tijax, with its fun bungalows above the water and the possibility of GASP an alligator sighting, should definitely be on your list for where to stay in Rio Dulce Guatemala! We had an incredible Lake Izabal boat adventure…we highly recommend you take part in one and go visit San Felipe, which we feel is more off the beaten track in Guatemala! It is just as impressive a castle as those we have visited in Europe! Whether you are considering, “should I visit Guatemala?”, or are wondering why you need to visit Guatemala…whether you are curious about what to see along your Guatemalan road trip or are trying to figure out how to budget travel in Guatemala…our Guatemala travel videos will HELP, INFORM, and ENTERTAIN you!! 😁

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