Things To Know Before You Go To Arches National Park (PART 2)

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. This week, we were still at Arches National Park with Rachel & Alvin. We set out to do the Delicate Arch hike. We checked out Wolfe Ranch before we started on the trail. I called it an easy hike, but April clarified that it is a 3 mile hike scurrying & scrambling up and down slick-rock. (April says, note the alliteration. Heehee) It got more intense, and we talked about how it’s like a 45 on a stair-stepper. When you are planning your trip to Arches National Park, do not come out in the summertime. Instead, try early spring, late fall or winter…it will be much more enjoyable. You might need cramp-ons for the snow/ice in the winter though. April shared how big of a deal it was for her to go out and pose under Delicate Arch; four years ago, she couldn’t get past the line of rocks when you first catch a glimpse of the arch. Rachel & Alvin were being silly and pretending to bobsled. We met Sarah and Gary on the trail, and talked with them all the way back down, so we decided to go to dinner with them to continue the great conversation! I shared a few tidbits to know about Utah liquor laws. We each had good meals, and of course, April had to get something for dessert! Hit the subscribe button, share my video with a friend, and thank you for living life!!

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